Pampas are fertile grass lands in Argentina that produce some of the world’s most sought after beef and allow the country to be one of the largest agricultural exporters in the world. This is also where the gauchos (cowboys) roamed and left a tremendous mark on the history and the culture of the country.

During the late 1800s when it came to leather and horses no one could do it better than the Argentines. Horses, their tack, their work (cattle) and their sport (polo) were important aspects to Argentine life and so were the gauchos who trained and cared for these prestigious animals. These men were also amazing craftsman who developed beautiful pieces by hand – horse bridles, stirrups, boots, belts, ponchos and knives. Still today these items are one of Argentina’s greatest treasures.

The art of the gauchos has been beautifully mastered over the generations and is still produced by hand in regions throughout Argentina. Pampas Life works directly with these craftsmen and with local artists to provide a luxury, handcrafted and functional product for you and your home.