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Palo Santo or “Wood of the Saints” has a history that dates back to the Inca Empire where it was used to clean bad energy and promote good fortune. This fragrant wood is still used today in Argentine culture and is commonly found in tropical regions of the country, like the famous Iguazu Falls in the Amazon. When polished the knots of this wood are highlighted, creating a unique look with great character. One of our favorites!


Large handles and blades make these cheese knives statement pieces and provide a casual feel for any get together. All four blades are included – The all functional universal blade; the spreader blade for soft cheeses, the fork tip for crumbling and serving and the clever blade for hard cheeses.

  • Includes 4 cheese knives
  • Handmade custom wood box from the Patagonia
  • 3 - 4.5 inch blades
  • 4 inch handles
  • Palo santo wood – an exotic wood from Argentina that emits a gentle perfume like fragrance.


One letter and three-letter monograms are available for an additional fee of $25 per set of 4 knives. The initials are provided in two monogram styles (BLOCK or Script). For a three-letter monogram, the larger initial in the middle traditionally represents the last name. Monogramming is only available for web orders through

Product Care:

Caring for these knives is exceptionally important in keeping them brilliant and beautiful. Each knife needs to be hand washed with mild soap and carefully towel dried before storing. Never place them in the dishwasher or expose them to extreme temperatures due to the sensitivity of the materials used and the blades.

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the palo santo cheese knife set

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