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The famous Patagonian region of Argentina is a combination of two very different worlds: the Andean mountains to the west and the Patagonia steppe to the east. This majestic place with snow covered mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes and dense colored forests has been a sought after destination since Magellan took his first steps here in 1520. The land, its people and the wildlife contribute greatly to its beauty and sustainability. This signature collection is not only inspired by Patagonia, but it also represents elements found within the region - naturally fallen deer antlers, the traditional usage of deer horn by the indigenous people to make tools and the simple beauty of Patagonia.


These handsome steak knives set the stage for a beautiful meal, marrying together the best natural materials from Patagonia.

  • Includes 4 knives
  • Handmade custom wood box from the Patagonia
  • 100% Argentine stainless steel blade with high polish
  • 5 inch blade, 4 inch handle, 6.5 oz
  • Naturally fallen deer horn and solid brass


One letter and three-letter monograms are available for an additional fee of $25 per set of 4 knives. The initials are provided in two monogram styles (BLOCK or Script). For a three-letter monogram, the larger initial in the middle traditionally represents the last name. Monogramming is only available for web orders through

Product Care:

Caring for these knives is exceptionally important in keeping them brilliant and beautiful. Each knife needs to be hand washed with mild soap and carefully towel dried before storing. Never place them in the dishwasher or expose them to extreme temperatures due to the sensitivity of the materials used and the blades.

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the patagonia steak knife set

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