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Gauchos (cowboys) have been caring for the famous cattle that produce the world’s finest and most sought after beef in Argentina since the 1800s. Over the last two hundred years they have been greatly admired and renowned in legends and in Argentine literature. Now they serve as a nationalistic symbol of the country and much is being learned about their handicraft in working with leathers and knives. Our Gaucho knife is a tribute to the gauchos and follows the typical style and design created by these incredible men.


  • Includes 4 knives
  • Handmade custom wood box from the Patagonia
  • 100% Argentine stainless steel blade with high polish
  • 5 inch blade, 4 inch handle, 5.5 oz
  • Solid Pink Copper and Quebracho wood – Quebracho is actually derived from a word meaning “ax breaker”. This hard and durable Argentine wood has an intense and rich red colored core making it remarkably beautiful when polished.


One letter and three-letter monograms are available for an additional fee of $25 per set of 4 knives. The initials are provided in two monogram styles (BLOCK or Script). For a three-letter monogram, the larger initial in the middle traditionally represents the last name. Monogramming is only available for web orders through

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the gaucho steak knife

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